Permanent Makeup Top-Ups

Top Up, Refresh & Corrections

  • Eyebrow colour turned too warm or orange
  • Eyebrows colour looks grey or dull
  • Or just simply faded too light
  • Is the shape slightly wonky

If you have existing permanent makeup, top ups are needed to keep the colour looking fresh and the your you intend, just like you’d re-colour your hair as the colour fades

I specialise in correcting or topping up existing work, giving honest advice on what can be achieved for the best results

For those who want to get rid of their permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo I also offer methods of non-laser permanent makeup removal


whatsappStarting any correction work is very personal, and work done by other technicians varies so much, so send me a photo of your eyebrows and I’ll call you to discuss a treatment plan and your price

Lisa: 07530 978856

If you use Whatsapp you’ll find me as Beautiful Ink – Lisa

After our chat you can book your treatment here:

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Price confirmed during appointment

Tattoo Removal

Non-laser methods for eyebrow tattoo removal

Website Links Removal


Thin & Styled Eyebrow Gallery
Thin & Styled Eyebrows
Dark & Natural Eyebrow Gallery
Dark & Natural Eyebrows
Blonde & Pale Eyebrow Gallery
Blonde & Pale Eyebrows

Over 100 photos in each gallery

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